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Summer Science Boot Camp at Bell a Huge Success
7th Aug


Summer Science Boot Camp at Bell a Huge Success

IMG_3049-1Golden Schools Foundation’s Summer Science Boot Camp at Bell had over 60 students in attendance daily and started out by refreshing students on the scientific method; how to write a procedure, draw conclusions, implementation (the application of steps).

Participants then conducted two experiments on days two and three. The first was a gum experiment with two different types of gum. Students had to determine which gum would allow the bigger bubble to be blown and then made observations on elasticity and other properties.

The second experiment was on heart rate, and students compared their resting heart rate to their active heart rate. The final day was used to complete and file lab reports, and take a brief exit survey.

Responses from camp participants ranged from “I would (recommend) cause its awesome,” to “Even if you don’t like science, its a great camp and really fun.”

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