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In response to recent Jeffco events
7th Oct


In response to recent Jeffco events

As with many of you, we at the Golden Schools Foundation are aware of the ongoing curriculum debate and the potential impacts it may have on our Golden schools. We call on all sides of this debate to not lose sight of that which is most important: the education of our children. We encourage parents and community members to research and understand the issues by attending or streaming Jefferson County Board of Education meetings, to write the School Board members to inform them of their concerns, and to make their voices heard by voting. We encourage respectful discussion and debate, as well as the recognition that differing opinions have and will continue to exist.

Given our charter, we are not allowed to take a position on the School Board’s actions. However, we will do our best to keep our community informed about issues affecting Golden schools in an unbiased manner. Our mission is not to support any political agenda, but rather to raise and distribute funds in order to foster excellence within the eight Golden articulation area schools. We work in partnership with all public education stakeholders to promote improvements in educational opportunities and student achievement and to encourage a cohesive approach to education where every member of the community is invested in our schools. At the end of the day, we support our children and want to make sure they have the tools and resources they need to succeed.

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