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AP Boot Camp at GHS
8th Aug


AP Boot Camp at GHS

IMG_6870Approximately 60 incoming freshmen attended the first-ever Golden Schools Foundation Advanced Placement (AP) Boot Camp at Golden High School (GHS) on Friday, August 5. Teachers Mr. Mike Mendoza and Ms. Onessia Anderson packed the day with activities to keep the students engaged while preparing them for AP classes at GHS.

Dubbed “Terra Incognita,” or “Land Unknown,” the Boot Camp began with a discussion about the differences between AP, Honors and other classes. Students also received a Resource Book, developed by Mendoza and Onessia, filled with information to help students throughout the school year. One of the most interactive parts of the day involved a clue-finding session modeled after Breakout EDU’s engaging learning games. Students relied on collaboration and problem solving strategies to navigate the classroom, find key information, and assimilate what they learned.

Both Mendoza and Anderson said they learned a great deal from this inaugural program and are already working on ways to make next year’s AP Boot Camp even better.

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